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Welcome to MLP in Jena

Welcome to MLP in JenaThe MLP-Group is Europe’s #1 leading independent consultancy on financial matters, one of 50 the selected SDAX-businesses carrying the German economy and is consulting the largest number of professionals world-wide since almost half a century.

Here in Jena alone, we have active partnerships with the University of Applied Sciences; we consult high ranking officials in the city council, count several deans of the Friedrich-Schiller-University and state senators of Thuringia among our clients and welcome many more students, graduate students and post-docs to our offices every week.In the current economic situation, it is more important than in any other time in our history to be financially literate: not so much focussing on products, but getting a clear understanding of the concepts of private finances.

It is our firm belief that once our client’s financial situation has been secured and it has been achieved to sustainably avoid existential risks, the road is clear for capital investment and asset allocation – arguably, the most exciting and enjoyable financial topics of all.

So be sure to join us for a cup of coffee - we're happy to have you here!
Your consultant team in Jena

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